Mac 31.05.99 - 05.07.08, Digit 21.03.09 - 08.10.09, Dixie 30.06.01 - 10.01.10, Jade 30.06.10 - 29.05.10, Abbey 09.11.02 - 07.12.11, Brig 10.06.00 - 12.06.12, Finlay 06.03.2003 - 20.11.2012. Breeze 08.07.2004 - 08.03.2014


 Brig - Ryckamie Fantasy Moonquest 10.06.00 - 12.06.12

My world collapsed into confusion and immense grief, my long time companion and soul mate was taken from me so suddenly. Brig you gave me 12 glorious years, you were my life, my love, my best friend. You were always there for me, whenever I had a problem, I'd turn to you to talk to,  you'd sit there and look as if to say its ok mum, I'm listening. We had just celebrated your 12th birthday with a special birthday swim, presents and cards galore. You were loved by all who knew you and you gave your love back without question. I miss you so much and living without you will be so hard, but we will meet again and be together forever at Rainbow Bridge. Stay young and run free my darling boy. You will always be in my heart and mind everyday xxx

I miss you so much my beautiful Brig xxx

 Brig, you loved your swimming


Finlay - Dabraco Ivory Coast at Reikkson 06.03.2003 - 20.11.2012

Munchie you were a right character, always had to have the last word with your grumbles, you were always there for me with a cuddle and a grump. You were diagnosed in October with Lymphoma and lost your battle just 6 weeks later, it broke my heart to let you go but I couldn't bear to see you ill. You loved life, your walks. and especially your bones. I miss you so much my big baby boy, the house is so quiet without you around, your sister Breezie missed you dreadfully. I hope you've found your old mucker Brig and are back playing together again. Losing you both just 5 months apart was a devastating blow but knowing you're with Brig again is a comfort to me xx Run free my darling big Munch xxx I miss you so much xxx

Mackie  31.05.99 - 05.07.08

Mackie came to us in aug 2000. He was in a sorry state, unloved and underfed. He was such a lovely boy, not a bad bone in his body. He loved everyone and everyone loved him even the vet.  Mac had more than his share of health problems, but, being a big soft lump, he made it so easy to treat as he loved a trip to the vets, (BISCUITS). He developed diabetes at 8 yrs old and battled through it only to fall ill through old stomach probs, which in the end was too much for him. Sadly we had to make the heartbreaking decision to let him go. He was a character and a half and is sorely missed by all who knew him.

mums big boy xxxx

Digit - Reikkson Rumbling Bridge 21.03.09 - 08.10.09

 Heartbroken and devastated Little Digit ( Reikkson Rumbling Bridge) died suddenly today (08.10.09). He was such a special man to me, he gave me so much pleasure in the short time he was with me, he will be forever missed.

Goodnight little man, mummy will always love you and miss you so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Digit, you will always be mum's special little man, so much love to give and not enough time to give it, but what you gave me I will treasure forever

Dixie - Ryckamie Port Martinque 30.06.01 - 10.01.10

Dixie was litter sister to our Jade and half sister to Brig, who unfortunately developed cancer in her shoulder, which she fought without a grumble up to the very end, she was the most gentle girl ever and her owners John and Sarah were devastated when they had to let her go on the 10th Jan 2010. She  will never be forgotten and can rest in peace now. sweet dreams Dix xxx 

 Abbey - Fantasa Dance Yourself Dizi. 09.11.02 - 07.12.11 

Abbey was a lovely girl who developed bone cancer in her left shoulder, she only had shown symptoms for 3 days before we took the decision to let her go peacefully whilst still under anesthetic from her xray. She was very much a grannys girl and is sorely missed by all.......... RIP Abs sweet baby xxxx


  Jade - Ryckamie Port Destiny 30.06.01 - 29.05.10

Jadee developed a tumour between her heart and lungs, such a gentle old gal, not once did she grump or moan with her condition, she only had two weeks between diagnosis and having to let her go, to be with her sister. Jade was always the boss in the house and is sorely missed, she brought many laughs to us with her bossy ways. RIP my old gal, mum loves you and misses you so much xxxx


Breeze - Dabraco Hot Image at Reikkson 08.07.2004 - 08.03.2014

Breezie, my foundation bitch to all my beautiful babies, she was the most loving and loyal girl you could ever wish for, a fantastic mother to her 7 babies and fantastic grandmother to her 3 grandsons. Suddenly taken from me within 6 weeks of being diagnosed with Osteosarcoma which had already spread to her chest. Breezie wanted for nothing but cuddles and kisses which she got in abundance from anyone who knew her, she is and always will be sorely missed. Miss you everyday my sweet baby girl, give everyone a kiss from mum xxxxxx